Vision and Mission

Our Mission
Our Mission


Have you ever dreamt about learning to scuba dive; exploring the beautiful and breathtaking underwater environment not limited by a single breath of air? Now is your chance to make these dreams come true. I am the one committed to giving you the gift of diving that was given to me eighteen years ago. This enjoyable, confidence building and life changing experience is available to you with Coral Reef Diving Adventures. You will not only become a certified diver, but diving will literally open up a whole new world for you that includes not only new worlds, but new friends a well. Let me help make your scuba diving dreams come true!


  1. Offer the highest quality scuba diving instruction for students.
  2. Provide a safe, respectful, and caring environment for all students, from classroom and pool to the openwater environment of the lake, river, or ocean.
  3. Respect at all times the underwater environment and its inhabitants.
  4. Promote conservation of the underwater world.
  5. Help all students become successful in the sport of scuba diving.