Why We Dive

Why We Dive
Why We Dive

Over 70% of our world is covered by the oceans, yet the majority of people will never witness the wonders that lie beneath the surface. Scuba diving gives us the ability to journey into this alien world and be a witness to life seldom seen by human eyes.

With scuba we are able to explore this strange and beautiful world, not limited by a single breath. We witness with our own eyes life in action as a multitude of species dance on a reef. We touch history when exploring ships once lost at sea and witness how nature uses a tragic loss to create life on the ocean floor.

Scuba gives us adventure, challenge, mystery, and indescribable beauty We glide weightless over reefs teeming with creatures of every color, shape, and size. We explore history never to be witnessed by the majority of mankind. We float effortlessly in tranquil freedom, a freedom like no other, in a world of near silence.

Scuba provides an inner peace not easily found on land. The rhythmic sound of your breathing sets a mood of serenity throughout each dive. Your slow, deliberate movements relax your mind and body, releasing tension of your every day life.

Scuba diving gives you freedom from the weight of the world, allowing you to escape for a few moments in time while reconnecting with nature. Freedom from ringing cell phones, pending deadlines, and long workdays. It is an escape to the kind of peace and tranquility which feeds your soul.

For scuba divers, the time between dives is spent daydreaming of when we will return to this special world. We dream of adventure and feel the gentle tug of mystery which beckons our return. We have a common passion and enjoy the camaraderie we share.

At Coral Reef Diving Adventures we share this passion and offer you the keys to the world of scuba diving. Join us in our quest for adventure and allow peace to touch your soul.

Written by my friend and PADI Divemaster-Phillip Peeler